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Daily Ways to Pray


How to use this guide

You’ll need to be able to set aside anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a day for prayer. It can be used on your own, or in concert with the 9-month retreats given through SEEL (Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life) programs and Jesuit retreat centers. We’ve divided the prayers by weeks, and you can access each week’s Daily Ways to Pray by clicking the number of the week:


Week 1     Week 2     Week 3     Week 4     Week 5     Week 6     Week 7     Week 8     Week 9     Week 10     Week 11     Week 12     Week 13     Week 14     Week 15     Week 16     Week 17     Week 18     Week 19     Week 20     Week 21     Week 22     Week 23     Week 24     Week 25     Week 26     Week 27     Week 28     Week 29     Week 30     Week 31     Week 32     Week 33     Week 34     Week 35     Week 36     Week 37


For more information

References to the Spiritual Exercises are included in the online retreat. The complete text is also available online, courtesy of Additionally, you will need a bible for completion of this retreat.

If you need further assistance, please let us know.